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If you need a visa to come to Belgium, the VUB International Relations Office recommends applying for a Schengen visa type C for tourism (up to 90 days). Should you encounter problems or need additional documentation for your application, such as a letter of invitation, please contact the VUB International Relations Office by e-mail:



The first edition of the Summer School will take place at the U-residence on the VUB Main Campus, within walking distance of the train station “Etterbeek” and less than 20 minutes away from the centre of Brussels by public transport. You can find a map of the university campus here. The U-residence is located in building U, at the address Generaal Jacqueslaan 271, 1050 Elsene. We strongly advise participants to use the rich public transport network Brussels offers to get to campus and around Brussels. Directions for every mode of transport (including travel by car and by air) can be found here. You will also find the rules and regulations that apply on the VUB campus on this page. For those who would like to stay on campus during the summer school, there are limited rooms available at the U-Residence on the VUB Main Campus. Please consult the VUB accommodation page for more information.




Would you like to expand your presence at the event with an overnight stay in Brussels? The VUB has been able to make deals with the following hotel chains:

  • Thon Hotels
  • Accor group
  • Motel One

to let you spend the night in Brussels at affordable prices.

THON group

The THON group has 5 hotels and 2 residences in Brussels (click here for an overview of all THON locations in Brussels) where you get up to 15% discount on the Classic room via the VUB, including free breakfast, free WIFI and free access to the fitness.

How can you take advantage of this deal? This is ONLY possible by using this specific link.

With our partner code TH8897, the system will give you the message 'You now have access to discounted prices through the agreement with VUB', so you know that you get the 15% discount and the other benefits. You can pay with a credit card. Another extra incentive to choose THON: if you participate in their green bonus program to not have your room cleaned every day, the money saved on all reservations with this partner code will be transferred by THON to the Caroline Pauwels Relief Fund for students. Caroline Pauwels was honorary rector of the VUB who died in 2022 of stomach and esophagus cancer. With this fund, the VUB continues Caroline's commitment by supporting students who are struggling financially, materially, socially or psychologically.

Attention: read the terms and conditions of a deal carefully. We are NOT responsible for errors or incorrect choices of options. Reservations without cancellation options cannot be changed or canceled by us.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

Accor group

The VUB has been able to conclude a deal with the Accor group to receive special VUB rates (up to 13% discount) on overnight stays in Accor group hotels. In Brussels can choose from the entire range of Ibis (budget friendly) to high standing (Novotel and Sofitel). Click here for a complete overview of all Accorhotels in Brussels

How can you take advantage of this deal? This is ONLY possible by using this specific link.  

Based on the Client Code (SC283436491) and Access Code (VR834BE897) that has already been filled in, this reservation is recognized as a VUB reservation. Double check that these are both filled in on the Accor booking page.

You can now specify the destination (Brussels) and the desired dates and then you will get an overview of the options you can choose from. You can pay with a credit card.

Attention: read the terms and conditions of a deal carefully. We are NOT responsible for errors or incorrect choices of options. Reservations cannot be changed or canceled by us.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

Motel One Brussels : spend the night for 79/99 euros flat fee in Brussels

The VUB has concluded an agreement with the Motel One group to be able to stay with them for a fixed price (= flat fee), including the Motel One hotel Brussels, which is located at Koningsstraat 120 in B-1000 Brussels

To enjoy this VUB advantage, you MUST first create a Be One profile on the website.

Very important: Make sure you create this profile with your VUB email address. The combination of the VUB advantage with a non-VUB email address will not be accepted. It is possible that the system allows this to pass through, but automatic and manual checks still take place after the reservation and it is therefore possible that the reservation is canceled at that time at the advantageous VUB prices.

Former staff who still have an active email address can also use this deal.

After you have activated your profile (after the confirmation email), you can go to the PARTNER CODE tab in YOUR PROFILE

There you enter the partner code of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel:


You can then book your room. Attention: the VUB code is only activated if you click on the choice 'This trip is for Business Purposes / I travel for business' and NOT 'this trip is for leisure / I travel privately'. For the rest this doesn't matter, so you can use this for all your reservations, no matter what you do.

The flat fee price that you get with this partner code for Motel One Brussels is 79 euros or 99 euros, depending on how busy the hotel is during that period. On the site you will always get the most advantageous VUB price, including tourist tax.

Attention: although this hotel has more than 500 rooms, there are some periods that get fully booked quickly. Here too the message is: The sooner you book...

Make sure you always choose 'I travel for business' to get the VUB discount price! You can also optionally opt for breakfast.

Cancellation in the Motel One group is possible up to the day of arrival, so choosing this hotel is an extra asset. However, the VUB cannot be held liable for errors and issues during the reservation and/or cancellation, especially if you try to make a reservation with a email address.

And as a bonus: this VUB discount with a flat fee is valid at ALL Motel One hotels throughout Europe and the US, not just in Brussels. A complete overview of all hotels can be found here.

The only condition is that you log in with your email address and always choose 'I travel for business'.

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