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The involvement of stakeholders is key in the planning and regulation of transport systems, services and infrastructure, the design and deployment of innovations and in the evaluation of transport activities. However, the diversity of stakeholders, their roles and responsibilities and their degree of willingness to participate in research and planning vary greatly across the different transport domains and at different stages of transport planning. Therefore, new methods, approaches, tools, and insights are needed to better understand why stakeholder involvement is important, who are the key actors that should participate, how they can be involved, and what impacts transport has on them. Stakeholder involvement is not only relevant for transport infrastructure projects, but also for supporting the long-term transition of transport towards a low-carbon and sustainable future. 

The focus of the conference is on how transport and communications research can support the different roles stakeholders take in transport planning. Stakeholder involvement is understood in the broader sense. We invite papers discussing the following specific topics of interest:

  • advancements in the fields of transport and communication in the context of stakeholder involvement,
  • development of regulatory approaches and policies,
  • stakeholder-based decision support,
  • citizen engagement,
  • quantitative and qualitative methods to assess the impact of transport on different stakeholder groups.

In addition to these topics, we welcome papers on topics in the fields of transport, communications, and mobility at large. General topics of interest include transport and infrastructure evaluation, transport policy and environment, logistics and freight, tourism, recreation and leisure, housing and labour markets, accessibility analysis, social an health issues, and ICT.

The different NECTAR clusters will also organize specific thematic sessions at the conference. The calls for papers for these sessions can be found below:

Cluster 1 call NECTAR Brussels 2024_final2-1.pdf

Cluster 2 call Brussels final2-1.pdf

Cluster 3 call NECTAR Brussels 2024 final-1.pdf

Cluster 4 call for papers NECTAR Brussels 2024 fin

Cluster 5 call_NECTAR_Brussels_2024final-1.pdf

Cluster 6 call NECTAR Brussels 2024final-1.pdf

Cluster 7 call NECTAR Brussels 2024final-1.pdf

Cluster 8 call for papers NECTAR Brussels 2024fina


To recognize the high quality of the research conducted by the best of the PhD students supervised by NECTAR members, NECTAR awards a PhD award at its international Conference. The 5th NECTAR PhD award will consider PhD theses written in English which have been or will be defended between July 2022 and June 2024. We will also consider submissions consisting of sets of journal papers which are to be included in a future thesis, and which are representative for its quality. PhD thesis work can be submitted only by a supervisor who should be a NECTAR member. More information on the award and eligibility criteria can be found here.

Abstract submission

Deadline for abstract submission: January 31, 2024. Abstracts should be submitted electronically, using the form available below. Abstracts should be maximum 500 words including references and written in English. Abstracts should be pasted in the submission form as plain text.

Criteria for acceptance

Criteria for acceptance are scope, scientific quality, NECTAR membership and the possibility to fit the presentation in a coherent conference session. We allow one paper presentation per participant.



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